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As a student in AHN, you are developing skills in diverse areas that can lead to many career paths. This site will help you start on the journey of finding the right area of foods and nutrition practice that matches your interests. 


Thinking of Graduate School?

If you find that you love to learn and are considering some form of post-graduate study to continue your education, this link is for you. 


What is Dietetics?’ 

This page will help you explore the diverse job opportunities for AHN students who complete a dietetic internship or a combined Masters practicum programs (e.g. Masters in Applied Nutrition), and pass the Canadian Dietetics Registration Examination.


You Love Food and Nutrition: Now What?

You are not interested in dietetics but still want to work in the area of food, nutrition and health. This page outlines  various career options. Teacher training programs are another option discussed on this page.

In addition to the above links, this site will post profiles of Applied Human Nutrition graduates so you can see how career paths develop over time.  Job postings outside of dietetics will be listed to give you a sense of the range of options available and the requirements or qualifications for these jobs. 


We appreciate your feedback and comments.  This site will continue to evolve with your input.  Please contact AHNSA communications representative [currently Ivy (Tik) Lam,] if you have suggestions.


Developed by Professors Heather Keller, Alexia Prescod and Andrea Buchholz. 

Special thanks to Lani Rabinovich and Shaylin Aarssen.