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 President: Eileen Quigg

Hey AHN! I'm Eileen Quigg, your president of AHNSA this year. I have been on council for 3 years now, in the past I was Second Year Representative and Vice-President. I love our program and everything it stands for. Nutrition and healthy living is a huge passion of mine and I can't wait to be able to share the knowledge I have gained here at Guelph with others. My current career goals involve becoming a registered dietitian and working in the public health sector. Hope everyone has a great year :) Never hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Vice President: Angelie Raynak 


Hey AHN, My name is Angelie Raynak and this year I am the Vice President on AHNSA. I have had the privilege to be on council since first year, as one of the first year reps and the second year rep, last year. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester as well as the winter semester with this year’s council. I am very passionate about health and nutrition and have learned a lot so far in my undergrad but I am looking forward to my last two years in Guelph.  After I graduate, I hope to go the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to complete my internship in Thunder Bay. I love to help and interact with people so I am very interested in outpatient care with dietetics. When I am not doing schoolwork I enjoy singing, playing tennis, participating in intramurals and hanging out with friends and family. This year I am excited to meet new students in our program at our events, as well build relationships with fellow executive members.

Communications Coordinator: Lindsay Fein



 Treasurer: Lara Haines-Love


Senior Curriculum Rep: Samantha Riddell


My name is Samantha Riddell and I am in my last year here at the University of Guelph, I currently hold the position of Senior Curriculum Representative on The Applied Human Nutrition- Student Association. I have been fortunate enough to be involved on counsel last year as the Junior Curriculum Rep. My future goals include becoming a registered dietitian, and working in public health, specifically in the field of health promotion and education. I am really excited to see what this last year has in store, and am looking forward to planning some fun events! 

Junior Curriculum Rep: Alyson Colton


Hey AHN!

My name is Alyson Colton, and I am aa third year AHN student.  This is my first year on council, and my position is Jr. Curriculum Rep. I am really enjoying this position and all of the opportunities it is bringing forward! I am most interested in the nutrition field of long term care/ diabetes. My hobbies include curling, reading, and jogging; as well I am a lover of tea of all kinds! This year I am really looking forward to the restaurant course we take in third year!





 Senior Professional Rep: Lauren McNeill 








My name is Lauren McNeill and I am currently the Senior Professional Development Rep for the year 2015-2016. I was previously the Junior Professional Development Rep. After graduating this year, I hope to continue on to either an Internship or Masters Practicum to become a Registered Dietitian. I love cooking, running, and watching documentaries. I'm looking forward to getting the most out of my last year here at the University of Guelph and can't wait to hopefully take the next steps to becoming a dietitian! 

Junior Professional Development Rep: Hana Hmeidan



Senior Peer Advisor: Melissa Tambeau

Hello, my name is Melissa Tambeau and I’m the Senior Peer Advisor on AHNSA for 2015-2016. This year I’m running a buddy program where first year AHN students are paired with an upper year to make their transition into University as comfortable as possible. The opportunity allows first year students to learn what to expect from their years as an undergrad and meet someone with a shared love for nutrition. Personally, I’m hoping to become a registered dietitian because I’m fascinated with nutrition problems and would love to provide support to clients who are in need. I look forward to putting together a display for College Royal in March of 2016 and can’t wait to attend more events put on by our AHNSA team. 

4th Year Rep/DC: Shelbi Link

My name is Shelbi Link and my current position on AHNSA for the 2015-16 school year is 4th Year Rep & Dietitian's of Canada Student Rep. This is my fourth year on our student association, in previous years I was first year rep, communications coordinator and treasurer. When I graduate this year and continue my journey in dietetics, I want to either focus on nutrition in exercise or pursue a career in geriatrics. In my free time I like to exercise and spend time with friends. I am looking forward to working hard this year and enjoying my last few months with friends on Guelph's beautiful campus!

3rd Year Rep/Garden To Table Rep: Rebecca Cowie

My name is Becca Cowie and I’m the third year rep for AHNSA. My goal after graduation is to either apply to OVC or get a dietetic internship. I spend my free time either in the saddle or in the kitchen learning new vegetarian recipes! I’m excited for the upcoming year and look forward to attending the fun events hosted by AHNSA. 

2nd Year Rep: Mikaela Horton

Hi everyone! My name is Mikaela Horton and I am your second year representative for the 2015/2016 year. I am so excited to be part of the AHNSA this year, and I'm looking forward to making lots of memories! I became interested in nutrition for two main reasons: one, I saw my mom go through an inspiring transformation with her health and happiness, and two, I made the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. My mom inspired me to pursue a career in nutrition, and I’m hoping that I can make a difference in other people’s lives, and inspire them like she inspired me. I can’t say exactly what my future in nutrition will hold, but I know my passion for plant based nutrition will carry through with whatever I do. I am hoping to have a positive impact on the health of others and the health of our planet, and I want to do this through encouragement, compassion, and kindness. Aside from nutrition and vegan cooking/baking, I love going for bicycle rides (especially in the Arboretum!), listening to music (I’m a self-proclaimed music junkie), drawing, watching movies, and hanging out with my dog “Reggie” when I have a chance to go home – he’s a humane society rescue and I love him to bits! I am really looking forward to learning even more this year by getting more involved on campus with groups like the AHNSA. I’m hoping I can make a difference and help to make this years’ experience a great one! 

1st Year Rep: Deanna Pinder



Hi! My name is Deanna Pinder and I'm one of your first year representatives for the AHNSA council this school year. I consider myself outgoing, approachable, easygoing and helpful. I believe I can make this year a great one for all first year students! I plan to contribute all of my ideas and values into this position and to be the best role model I can. Feel free to approach me at any time to ask questions, get to know me, or whatever works best for you. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to a great year! 

 1st Year Rep: Sarah Hunt

My name is Sarah Hunt I’m starting my first year of the Applied Human Nutrition major, and I am one of your first year representatives on the AHNSA council. From a young age I have always known that I have wanted to go into the health field working with children, and nutrition gives me the perfect background to peruse this. I am very passionate about nutrition I believe it is the root to good health. Along with health and wellness, some of my hobbies include dance, yoga, camping, lifeguarding, and skiing. 

I feel that the AHN is a truly special group of people and I am excited to bring our family closer together with more fun and wellness related activities. I am looking forward to meeting everyone; if you see me around campus or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



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